What are automatic stabilizers and how it works

May 29, 2024

Automatic stabilizers is a kind of equipment used for electric power regulation, which can automatically control the current and voltage, keep it stable within a certain range, and realise the stable control of output voltage. Avoid electrical failure caused by voltage fluctuation, protect the safe operation of electrical equipment.

Types of automatic stabilizers

Universal Voltage Regulator

Ordinary type automatic voltage regulator is mainly used to control household appliances, such as air-conditioners, TVs, etc., which can make household appliances operate normally by automatically adjusting the voltage.

Ac Regulator

AC type automatic voltage regulator is mainly used for large electrical equipment, such as machines, motors, lights, etc., which can automatically adjust the voltage to ensure its normal and stable operation, and once the power supply fails, it can be quickly switched to the backup power supply.

Dc Voltage Regulator

DC type automatic voltage regulator is mainly used in power line road and mining field, wharf, ferry and other places, the working environment is more harsh. DC type automatic voltage regulator has strong protection and adaptability, suitable for high humidity, high temperature and other special working environment.

Working Principle

  1. Input Voltage Detection: The regulator will monitor the size and fluctuation of the input voltage of the power supply in real time, so as to adjust the output voltage in time.
  2. Feedback control: according to the change of input voltage, the regulator will pass the information to the controller through the feedback loop, so that the controller can process accordingly.
  3. Circuit Adjustment: The regulator is equipped with an internal circuit to stabilise the output voltage through circuit adjustment according to the signal from the controller and the input voltage.
  4. Output Voltage Monitoring: The regulator constantly monitors the size and fluctuation of the output voltage, and if it finds that the output voltage exceeds the set range, it will send a signal to the controller to make adjustments accordingly.
  5. Feedback control cycle: through constant monitoring, adjustment and feedback, the voltage regulator can keep the output voltage at the set stable value, effectively solve the problem of voltage fluctuation in the power system.

The main role

Stabilising voltage
Improve power quality
Saving energy
Protect electrical equipment

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