YB-12 Series Prefabricated Substation

This product is fully in line with GB17467 “High Voltage/ Low Voltage Prefabricated substation” standard. Applicable to urban publipower distribution, street lighting distribution, industrial and mining enterprises, urban construction,residential quarters, oilfieldterminals, hotels, parks and construction sites, etc., can achieve ring network or terminal type power supply.

Type designation

MODEL: YB□□□/□□
YBPre-installed test substation
Structuralfeatures: P-character;M-eye font
Design Number
High voltage side rated voltage (kV)
Low voltage side rated voltage (kV)
Transformer rated capacity(kVA)

Installation dimension drawing

Prefabricated Substations

1, the roof
2, blinds
3, external measuring box
4, lifting ring
5, slot just under the shelf
6, the door
7, brick, imitation brick wall
8, concrete foundation
9, the basic vents

Prefabricated Substations

Environmental conditions

● Ambient air humidity: upper limit ≤ 40 °c, lower limit ≥-25 °C
● Altitude ≤ 1000W m² (Note: if the altitude exceeds 100m, the ordering time shall be specified)
● Wind speeds 35m/s
● Seismic intensity≤ 8, icing ≤ 20mm
● Humidity: daily average relative humidity ≤ 95%, monthly average relative humidity≤ 90%; Daily average relative watervapor≤ 2.2KPa; Monthly average relative steam pressure ≤1.8KPa
● The install ation site shall be free offlammable substances, explosion hazards, chemical corrosion and violent vibration
Note: For special use conditions, negotiate with the manufacturer in advance when ordering

Main technical parameter

Rated VoltageHigh voltage electrical appliance:6/10,transformer :6/0.4 10/0.4,
Low voltage electricalappliance:0.4
Rated Capacitytransformer:50kva~600kva
Rated CurrentHigh voltage electrical appliance:200A,400A,630A,
Low voltage electrical appliance:100A-3200A
Rated Open Circuit Start CurrentHigh voltage electrical appliance:Combination switch depends on fuseLow voltage electrical appliance:15(1s)
High voltage electrical appliance:Load switch 400A~630A.
Low voltage electrical appliance:15kV-63kV
Rated Short-Time Withstand CurrentHigh voltage electrical appliance:16kA.20kA(4S)
Low voltage electrical appliance:30kA(1S).30kA
Rated Peak Withstand Current(1Min)Highvoltage electrical appliance:16kA,20kA(4S)
Low voltage electrical appliance:30kA(1S),30kA30kA
Power Frequency Withstand VoltageHigh voltage electrical appliance: Relativelyand phased32/42,lsolation fracture36/48Low voltage electrical appliance:>0.3kV.2.5kV
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage (Peak)High voltage electrical appliance:Relativelyand interphase 60/75,lsolation fracture 70/85
Low voltage electrical appliance:60/75
Box Protection LevelLow voltage electrical appliance:IP23
Noise LevelLow voltage electrical appliance:55db
Executive StandardGB/T 17467 《High-voltage and low-voltage pre-assembled substation》.
DL/T537 Technical Conditions for Ordering 6-35kV Box-type Substation
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