ZGS11-12 Series Combination American Prefabricated Substation

This product is developed by absorbing foreign latest advanced technology and combining with domestic actual conditions. The whole product has the chara cteristics of small size, simple installation and maintenance, low noise, low loss, anti-theft, full protection and strong overload capacity. Applicable to new residential areas, green belts, parks,station hotels, construction sites airports and other places.

ZGS11-12 series com bined American prefabricated substation is suitable for 10kV ring network power supply, dual power supply or terminal power supply system, as a substation, metering, compensation control and protection device. This product meets the following standards: GB17467 “High Voltage /Low Voltage Prefabricated substation” DL/T537 “High voltage / Low Voltage Prepackaged Substation Selection Guide”.

MODEL: ZGS □ – 12/0.4 (□)□/□
ZGSPrefabricated substation(Us)
Design Number
12/0.4Rated voltage
(□High voltage switchgear equipped with main switch category
High-voltage switchgear withoperation Construction category
T-playingmechanism; S-manual mechanism
Transformer rated capacity (kVA)

● Fully insulated, fully sealed, maintenance free and reliable to ensure personal safety;
● Compact structure, volume only 1/3-1/5 of European transformer with the same capacity, low height;
● The split box structure can be adopted to avoid oil pollution in the transformer oil tank;
● High voltage side adopts double fuse full range protection, greatly reducing the cost;
● It can be used for ring network or terminal, and the cable head can be plugged and unplugged in an emergency when the load current is 200A;
● The box body adopts honeycomb double sandwich composite board, which has the functions of temperature insulation and heat dissipation;
●The low-voltage side is equipped with an electronic phase failure protector, which can quickly disconnect the main incoming switch when abnormal voltage occurs in the system;
● High voltage side oil immersed load switch or SF6 load switch can be electrically upgraded, laying the foundation for distribution network automation.

ZGS11-12 Series Outdoor Prefabricated Transformer Substation

● Altitude not exceeding 1000m
● Ambient temperature:-35°C~40°C
● Relative humidity: daily average value is not more than 95%, and monthly average value is not more than 90%
● Installation site: no fire, explosion hazard, chemical corrosive gas and well ventilated site, with the ground inclination nomore than 3°
● Note: For special use conditions, negotiate with the manufacturer in advance when ordering

Rated VoltageHigh pressure / low pressure 10/0.4
Maximum Working VoltageHigh pressure side 12KV
Rated Frequency50Hz
Rated Capacity50~1600KVA
11 Minute Power Frequency Withstand Voltage35KV
Lightning Impulse Voltage75KV
Cooling Method0il immersed from cold
Highvoltage Backup Fuse Breaking Current50KA
Plug-In Fuse Breaking Current25 KA
Ambient Temperature-35°C~40C
Coil Allows Temperature Rise65°C
Unloaded Voltage Regulation±5% or ±2×2.5%
Noise Level50db
Protection LeveIP43
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