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October 5, 2023

When the external power supply network voltage fluctuations or load changes caused by voltage fluctuations, whether to look forward to a power regulator can automatically maintain the stability of the output voltage?SBW series of three-phase automatic compensation type power regulator, is the combination of China’s power grid conditions, and the introduction of the absorption of foreign technology, designed specifically for the stabilization of the AC voltage and design. Whether it is industry, agriculture, transportation, post and telecommunications, military, railroads, scientific research and culture and other areas of large-scale electromechanical equipment, or metal processing equipment, production lines, construction equipment, elevators, medical equipment, embroidery and textile equipment, air-conditioning, broadcasting and television, and household electrical appliances, lighting, and other places that need to stabilize the voltage SBW high-power voltage regulator can be widely applied.
Compared with other types of voltage stabilizers, SBW series three-phase automatic compensating power regulator series products have the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, smooth voltage regulation and so on. And its own high-power design, this regulator load is widely used, not only can withstand instantaneous overload, but also long-term continuous work, but also has a manual and automatic two modes can be switched at will. And in terms of quality and safety do not have to worry, this series of SBW high power voltage regulator with overvoltage protection, phase failure, phase sequence protection and mechanical failure automatic protection function, for its safety, smooth, college operation provides a reliable guarantee. In addition to this, its small size, light weight design is for its use in the installation provides great convenience.

In addition to the design of wide applicability, Zengxi Electric also tailors a personalized new generation of intelligent fast energy-saving voltage regulator for users with individual needs. This SBW-N series voltage regulator is based on the intelligent numerical control compensated AC voltage regulator of Zengxi Electric Co., Ltd. and is a personalized new generation of intelligent, fast and energy-saving voltage stabilizer tailored to the users in this industry for the users of refrigerating unit test or large laboratory who need multi-step voltage adjustment and special demand for electricity safety. For regulating the voltage regulator especially adopts single-chip computer intelligent control, and with multi-language liquid crystal display. The human-machine interface design is enough to see the safety, stability, energy saving and humanization concept of the equipment. Compared with the same traditional compensated voltage regulator, it has more intelligent control and display, fast voltage stabilization, silent energy saving three significant advantages. This special regulator adopts the true RMS sampling circuit, which can accurately detect the RMS value of various voltage waveforms, while preventing electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, and effectively filtering out power grid pollution. With the configuration of RS-485 interface, it can realize three functions of remote control, telemetry and telecommunication. Microcomputer room dedicated voltage regulator also has a perfect protection function to ensure that the various wide, thick, high W x D x H class computer centers and data centers can be operated safely for a long period of time even when they are unattended.

Another personalized product – SBW-F sub-regulation series of microcomputer room special voltage regulator, is tailored for microcomputer room users. Targeted at all kinds of computer centers, data center equipment, and for power supply conditions can not meet the requirements of game halls, Internet cafes, entertainment centers and other occasions.

It is worth noting that: SBW series voltage regulator should be used indoors, while its normal use conditions are:
First of all, the ambient temperature needs to be -10 ℃ -45 ℃; Secondly, the altitude needs to be <1000M, relative humidity of 20 ﹪ -90%; And need to ensure that no serious impact on the insulation of the regulator gas, steam, chemical deposits, dust, dirt and other explosive and corrosive media environment; Finally, the installation of the best place is no serious vibration or bumps.
Zhengxi Electric Group Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the production of transformers, voltage stabilizers, voltage regulators, high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, distribution boxes and other power equipment for 10 years. The company’s products have passed the IS09001 quality system certification, CE safety certification, and in line with European and American ROHS standards. Zhenxi Electric always adheres to the product concept of “effect is the only standard for testing products” and takes the domestic first-class power supply brand as the vision, and is committed to providing users with the best quality service and creating the most satisfactory products.

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