No industrial 3-phase 380V power? Limit electricity? Zenith Electric single-phase to three-phase transformers allow a constant and stable output of electricity!

October 5, 2023

In the recent sustained high temperature environment, China’s power grid load has also climbed, such as Baoding, Hebei, the maximum load of 6.985 million kilowatts of the grid, an increase of 4.25%; and Shandong is experiencing two rounds of “rainstorms + high temperature” frequent switching mode, resulting in air conditioning power, the network’s highest power load is 7 days! exceeded 90 million kilowatts, government departments around the world have also taken to put transformers as well as the expansion of the line capacity of the renovation project. New load growth, equipment overload and other problems occur frequently; Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Bureau has also issued a power restriction notice, which seriously affects the production capacity of enterprises and delayed the work schedule.

The single-phase to three-phase transformer from Zenith Electric can output pure sine wave alternating current comparable to real three-phase electricity; and with strong power, it can drive all kinds of factory equipment. Newly upgraded with soft start function, can make the equipment start smoothly, so as to effectively protect the internal components of the equipment; In addition, it can also anti-interference, harmonic, pure waveform output, as well as anti-leakage, anti-interference.
Zhengxi Electric this single-phase to three-phase transformer is through the AC to DC and then to AC working principle, to realize the single-phase power into three-phase power, the real realization of the 220V to 380V circuit expansion, the input range is wider, the input range of as long as the input range in the 180V-250V, can be used. This solves the problem of no industrial three-phase power troubles, as long as there is 220V civil power, or 110V civil power abroad, can be changed through the West single-phase to three-phase transformer industrial three-phase power, stable output voltage, but also with 1KW-80KW load equipment to use.

The single-phase to three-phase transformer of Zenith Electric has three-phase three-wire ordinary models and three-phase four-wire high-end models, which can be selected according to the actual electrical appliances to match. Such as welding machines, air compressors, mixers, open machine, pumps with three-phase asynchronous click type appliances only need to choose the ordinary models; and some precision equipment (with the control part of the electrical appliances), such as refrigeration equipment, air conditioning elevator, test three-phase four-wire instrument more simple to choose the high-end models, the use of high-end isolation design, can be for the precision equipment such as debugging equipment, central air-conditioning, precision machine tools and so on, to bring more protection. The quality of this Zenith single-phase to three-phase transformer has passed the authoritative certification by professional organizations, so you don’t have to worry about the safety hazards.
As for the details, they are reflected in: equipped with a cooling fan, which can effectively protect the internal components; the bottom of the universal casters, more convenient to move; the brand air switch can prevent electrical short-circuit explosion, so that people away from hidden dangers. In addition to the use of innovative technology to develop high-definition LCD display can make the input and output voltage clear, whether it is the work of the work indicator, or overload protection indicator can be clear a column.

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